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Âm-Arôme, a Quebec firm, made up of a team of Aromatherapists and/or Natural Therapists, combining more than 20 years of research and practical experience in the field of Aromatherapy and Natural Medicine.

Following years of research and our uncompromised concern and respect for the environment, we are forced to follow strict quality control when choosing the essential oils and all other products we offer.

This is the reason for which certain essential oils will only be offered in limited quantities. Our essential oils come from all four corners of the world. The oils come from Canada, France, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Egypt, England, Spain, the United States, Morocco, Nepas, Australia, Hungary, South America, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, and etc...

As a result, Âm-arôme has made an exclusivity agreement with a company, exclusively owned by Maroccan women, thats extracts the Pear Cactus oil (also known as Indian Fig oil), certified Ecocert in Morocco. We are the exclusive distributors of their products in Canada. We are therefore proud to present this oil, that as undergone extensive research by the cosmetic industry, under the "Featured Products" heading.

Âm-Arôme is a member of  OTA.

Daisy, common (infused Organic)
Daisy, common (infused Organic)
Bellis perennis
60ml :  CAD $14.00
pH, test stripes
pH, test stripes
20 :  CAD $3.25
Ponderosa Pine
Ponderosa Pine
Pinus ponderosa
5ml : 
18ml :