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Daisy, common (infused Organic)

Daisy, common (infused Organic)

Latin Name: Bellis perennis
Molecules: B-myrcen, polyacetylen
Plant: Common daisy (flowers)
Country: Canada

Daisy oil (macération or infused oil)

This oil is the result of a maceration of organic flowers (Common Daisy or Bellis perennis)
in organic sunflower oil.  

It has been used for many centuries for skin beautification and his toning effect on one's blood vessels.

Cosmetic properties:
-  all skin types
-  promote blood circulation
-  shape and restore the skin
-  sooth and firms the skin
-  ideal  for care of the decolletage,  the bust and neck
-  helps to reduce  the appearance of age spots
-  toning blood vessel
-  reduce bruising and inflammations

-  Skin lacking elasticity and firmness
-  Blemished skin
-  Heavy legs problems, rosacea, varicose veins, hemorrhoids (with Lavender or Red Vine Extract)
-  Helps to keep a firm and shapely breast ( with Kigélia extract)
-  Restore where the skin is lose, distended after pregnancy
-  Inflammed and damaged tissue
-  Arthritic joints and gout; sore muscles
-  Massage oil

External used only
Balm cream, lotion
Massage oil: 10-40%
Skin toning
Soap, etc

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, carefull if respiratory allergies; EXTERNALLY ONLY

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